考生报名时必须填写个人的真实信息,对于使用虚假和他人信息者 ,考试主办方有权取消该考生的考试成绩。

Candidates must provide valid personal information in test registration. The test organizer reserves the right to cancel the candidate’s score if information provided is found invalid.



Candidates must arrive on time as requested. Candidates who arrive late after the test has started are not allowed to enter.


考生入场须出示准考证及有效身份证件。中国大陆考生须使用二代身份证、护照或军官证;港澳地区考生须使 用港澳居民身份证或护照;台湾地区考生须使用台湾居民来往大陆通行证;外籍考生须使用护 照。托业考试有效证件限于上述证件原件,且须在有效期内并附有可识别的照片。考生入场所持证件的类型应与注册时保持一致。考生未携带准考证、有效身份证件或证件照与本人面貌不符,均不能入场考试;持假证件者和被替考的考生,一经发现取消考试成绩,五年内禁止参加托业考试。

When entering, candidate will be asked to provide the admission ticket, and the valid ID . Chinese mainland candidate must bring the second-generation National ID, Passport or Military ID; Hong Kong and Macao candidate must bring the Hong Kong and Macao Resident Identity Card or Passport; Taiwan candidate must bring the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents; Foreigner must bring Passport. The valid ID listed above accepted by TOEIC Test must be original and be current (Not expired) with a recognizable photograph. When entering, candidate's ID type must be consistent with the ID provided during registration. Candidate who fails to provide the admission ticket, valid identification or a matched photo will not be admitted. Candidate with fake identification and impersonated candidate will be prohibited to participate in any TOEIC Test in 5 years.


考生进入考场后将身份证件放置在桌面上方,以便检查。除证件外 ,所有其它个人物品,应放置在考场内指定的位置。

After entering the test room, candidates must place the identification on the desk for inspection. Except Identification, all other personal belongings should be placed in the designated area in the test room.



Do not bring valuables into the test room. The test organizer is not responsible for personal belongings lost during the test.



All cell phones, PDAs, and other electronic devices must be turned off before entering the test room. Turning on or using cell phones or other electronic devices is forbidden during the test. If it is found that any candidate has not turned off any electronic device(s) during the test, his/her test score will be cancelled.



Candidates are not allowed to leave the seat until the administrator instructs to do so. Those who are not able to continue the exam due to special reason will be asked to wait in the administration office and allowed to leave after the test is finished.



We reserve the right to further investigate, punish, or cancel the score of the candidate(s), test centers, test administrators who is/are caught cheating during the test or after the test. For cheating or suspected cheating behavior found after the test, we have the right to investigate the candidate(s) involved and suspend to release his/her score or cancel his/her score already released until the investigation is completed. Candidates, test centers, test administrators should cooperate with the investigate, including but not limited to re-test, provision of information, etc. Candidates, test centers, test administrators should be cooperative. We have the right to cancel the score of the candidates, test centers, test administrators if he/she is not cooperative in the investigation.



The administrator will provide on-site solution according to the TOEIC Test administration regulations if any accident occurs during the exam. Objections must be raised before the solution is implemented, or else, candidates shall be deemed to have accepted the solution and take the consequences related; Complaints regarding the accident and solution are not accepted if candidates have accepted the on-site solution.


有下列行为的考生,按照托业考试管理规定,将被取消考试资格、 取消考试成绩并不退还考试费:

According to the TOEIC Test administration regulation, candidates involved in any of the followings will be disqualified, whose score will be cancelled, and whose test fee will not be refunded:

10.1 在考试开始后,迟到的考生;

Candidates who arrive late after the test has started;

10.2 有替考和被替考行为的考生;

Candidates who are proxy testers or impersonated;

10.3 在入场过程中或考试过程中,被发现证件或照片不符合托业考试要求的考生;

Candidates whose identification or photos are found unqualified when entering the test room or during the test;

10.4 无论是否对考试造成影响,在考试过程中被发现使用手机等电子设备或手机等电子设备没有彻底关闭的考生;

Candidates caught using cell phones or other electronic devices or whose devices are not turned off completely during the test, disregarding the influence;

10.5 在考试过程中,有任何作弊行为的考生;

Candidates who are caught cheating of any kind;

10.6 在考场内交谈、喧哗或制造明显噪音,干扰其他考生考试,经监考人员一次警告后,没有停止干扰行为的考生;

Candidates who fail to stop talking, clattering, making noises or any other disturbances after a one-time warning by administrator;

10.7 在考试结束前,因任何原因提前离开考场的考生;

Candidates who leave the test room without permission before the test ends;

10.8 使用任何威胁语言或行为攻击考试监考人员,经监考人员一次警告后,没有停止攻击言行的考生;

Candidates who fail to stop using threatening language or behavior against administrators after a one-time warning;

10.9 被发现以任何方式将考试内容带出考场的考生。此行为将被追究法律责任,并五年内不允许参加托业考试。

Candidates who are found taking test materials out of the test room will be held liable and prohibited to take any TOEIC test in 5 years.



Before, during or after the test, the test organizer has the right to check the personal profile of any suspected proxy tester as well as submit it to third-party identification bodies such as public security organizations, and act against the disciplinary offences based on the identification results.



All candidates should cooperate actively with the test organizer on any activities regarding investigating cheating of any kind during the test. TOEIC test organizer reserves the right to act against any disciplinary offences of the candidates.


Everyone has the right and obligation to maintain the fairness of TOEIC test. You are welcome to report violations of any kind that are against the Test Regulations.